No yoga, no bla bla

💬 “While some organisations compete for the biggest fruit basket or best yoga offer, at Apparat Gaming, we take a German approach and focus on effectiveness and efficiency.” 💬

What sounds like a provocative statement by our Co-founder and Director Alina Dandörfer is a commitment to the conviction that nothing else can be as satisfying as the appreciation of one’s own work – and that there’s no better driver than seeing one’s own ideas take off and begin to fly. 

These and other wise words discussed with our friends at CasinoBeats about the importance of company culture, in a three-part series, in relation to work-life balances, six-hour work days, the quality of life and career progression conundrum and the ‘anti-work’ movement. ⭐️

Read the first of the three instalment roundtable discussions via the CasinoBeats website:

📸 Image by diana.grytsku on Freepik, featuring Thomas Wendt and Martin Frindt