Jack Potter of all trades

Jack Potter, our hero of five games so far such as Book of Nubia and Book of Football, which will be released tomorrow, is what is known in German as a ‘Tausendsassa’. 🇩🇪 This catchy term describes someone who’s incredibly versatile and has a thousand different skills. Brits call it a ‘Jack of All Trades’, and guess where this name comes from?✨

Jack’s our go-to guy for epic adventures! 🚀 From embarking on thrilling journeys across dynasties and ancient lands, he is on his next mission to spread football to ancient Egypt! What can’t he do?! 🤯

With each of our Jack-themed slots, Jack Potter proves himself to be the ultimate ‘Jack of All Trades’, mastering every challenge. Ready to join Jack on his next adventure? 🎰💰

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