Champagne for all on the International Women’s Day!

We’ve asked our female employees what do you associate with the International Women’s Day? And how is it celebrated since its grand entrance in 1911?

The results:
It’s a public holiday in Armenia, Belarus, and Berlin.
🌷 Women receive flowers in Armenia, Turkey, Ukraine, and Belarus.
👩‍👦 You’ve to be a mother to receive flowers – in Ukraine.
🎁 Gifts are presented in Armenia, Belarus, Malta, and Ukraine.
🤝 It’s a formality than a real celebration. – in Macedonia, Malta, Turkey, and Germany.
🏢 It’s an office thing in Turkey, Malta, and Macedonia.
🥂 It ends with a drink in Macedonia, and Ukraine.
🗓 It starts a month-long period dedicated to honoring women.

The impression is it’s predominantly women who celebrate women at that day.

“And why there is no such day for men and representatives of other genders?”
“So, I think that day and any other days we should keep in mind that regardless of gender everyone deserves equal rights and opportunities. Talking about this made me realize I wasn’t appreciating this day enough, thank you for reminding importance of it.”

Honest question but does anyone celebrate this day? 

(picture from cookie_studio on Freepik)