Quality always prevails

“Quality ‘always prevails’ when start-up companies set off in the direction of the New Frontier, no matter how competitive the market.” 📣

Thomas Wendt, our Co-founder and Director, recently took part in an expert roundtable with CasinoBeats to discuss what it takes for a start-up slot developer to make it in the industry. 🎰

Joining him were fellow industry power players, Bryan Upton, Founder at Lucksome and Raphael Di Guisto, Founder at GAN Silverback. 

They discuss what drives them and what key challenges they have faced. They also explain their unique approach to game development and innovation. 💡

“Our plan has involved not reinventing the world, but proving our right to a place in the existing world, and especially in the market we know the most about, Germany. It’s about proven, winning concepts for a target group we know.”

📌 Read the roundtable in full to find out more: https://casinobeats.com/2022/10/27/wendt-quality-always-prevails-when-venturing-into-the-new-frontier/?utm_campaign=CasinoBeats&utm_medium=email&_hsmi=231434788&_hsenc=p2ANqtz-_WYzZJ38vIhTJAk3QVP49-Td7FljWCdrSLrQdpwJkr19B5molmwMeZj8jqwofKcRHp5jSxlmqjyntM9XdXCF8Zus278w&utm_content=231434788&utm_source=hs_email